1. Provision of Innovative sport and recreational programs for students 

2. Developing  and renovating Sports facilities and providing  equipment.

3. Maintaining  state- of- the- art sports facilities and equipment.

4. Identifying and nurturing talents

5. Training  and coaching  sports techniques.

6. Providing  information on the importance of exercise to staff and students. 

7.  Consultancy  on Sports and Games services 

8. Development and implementation of the Sports and Games policies

9. Mentorship and career development

10. Linkages to the corporate world

11. Offering Team Building services

 12. Offering the following sporting activities  both indoors and outdoors at various levels .

Soccer                                               Basketball

Volleyball                                            Hockey

Handball                                             Rugby

Netball                                                Swimming 

Chess                                                Scrabble

Tennis Table                                       Tennis

Badminton                                          Baseball

Karate                                                Tae Kwo Do

American Football                              Rollball

Aerobics                                             Weightlifting

Goal Ball                                             Darts


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