Strategic Analysis
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Evaluation of Past Performance

The Sports and Games department has for a long time offered a variety of sports and recreation activities to the university students. The department has grown steadily in terms of Human resources, service delivery points and even in the number of sports and recreation disciplines on offer. Adoption of Technology has equally grown and spread to the outpost campuses of the university.

The university has adopted new campuses like Parklands, Lower Kabete and Kenya Science whose sports facilities have enhanced the quality and quantity of student participation by students.

Previously the university campuses numbered below 5 and this restricted the depth of competition among the campus teams. With about10 campuses currently, the variety and depth of sports interaction has considerably improved. The number of students participating in both sports competition and recreation has steadily grown.

SWOT Analysis

The need to chart out a path for the future requires an evaluation of key internal and external factors. The SWOT analysis entails the identification of possible strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats


Qualified and competent staff

The senior staffs in the sports and games department are among the most experienced and knowledgeable among their peers from other Kenyan Universities. The staffs regularly attend national and international seminars and conferences.

High staff Retention

The staffs in the sports and games have worked in the same place for a long time and intend to stay working in the department.

Location of sports offices

University sports offices are strategically located in all the campuses for easy access by customers to the offices and for better service delivery.

Sports facilities

The university sports facilities are well maintained and accessible to the students. There is a large variety of the sports fields in all campuses. The university has 3 swimming pools and many types of indoor games.

Diverse sports disciplines

The university offers a big variety of sports disciplines including swimming, football, handball, netball, rugby, basketball, hockey, aerobics, chess, cricket, scrabble, darts etc.




The department is understaffed considering the large student population. The ratio of staff to student is estimated at about 1: 4000 hence inability to coach the teams.

Inadequate office space

Due to increased number of staff there is inadequate office space especially at the main office at the main campus.

Funding challenges

Funding from the university is not sufficient to finance sports activities hence the university teams have less competitive in comparison with some universities in Kenya

Staff promotions

There is lack of a comprehensive staff establishment.  Staff are demoralized due to lack of promotion prospects.

Over-stretched Sports facilities

Due to the tremendous growth of student population and the lack of expansion of performance spaces, there is an overuse and stretched demand on the available spaces.


Advances in ICT

There is high-speed internet connectivity in the university. There is need for the department to take full advantage of the developed ICT

Income Generating Activities

There is enormous potential to generate money through the hiring out of sports facilities to other corporate organizations and to individuals

Rising demand for physical fitness-based Weight loss activities

Both the students and staff are struggling with obesity and would benefit from structured physical fitness programs


Growing number of students

The sharp rise in student numbers provides the department of sports and games with an ever increasing pool of talented student players in the university.


University funding

Funding of sports programs by the University for Implementation of such programs continue to fall short and are insufficient.

Negative perception

Biased and uninformed people have continued to disfavor the development of sports in the university. The result is that players are discouraged by their friends, their lecturers etc


The university faces a lot of competition from especially among the private universities in matters of incentives.

Rising cost of equipment and facilities

Personal development avenues for staff

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