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Fri, 2015-05-22 12:45

The University of Nairobi (UoN) American football team got a pleasant surprise yesterday, Thursday the 21st of May 2015 when the Redbull Marketing Consumer Insight Collection Department representatives came knocking at the University sports grounds.

The Redbull Wings Team, as they are popularly known was led by Ms. Tabby Kimani and Ms. Linda Gatere. They were received by the team’s captain Mr. George Olwanga and the Administrator of the Department of sports and Games, Mr. Emmanuel Guantai, who was representing the Director to the Department.

Ms. Kimani intimated that this was an exploratory visit to the University of Nairobi Sports team, and expressed her hope that it was the beginning of a greater partnership with the Department of Sports in supporting this team and others in the University.

She said that Redbull is a popular Austrian energy drink with the slogan “Redbull gives you Wings”, and is renowned for its support of sports both in Kenya and other countries. It is in this spirit that the company came calling to the UoN American football team. They served all the team layers with a much appreciated chilled energy drink.

George, the team captain expressed his gratitude for the visit that greatly motivated the team for it showed that the team was getting recognition from the corporate world. He said that the team was on the lookout for sponsors and hoped that the Redbull Wings would go even further in this regard.

American Football is a game played by eleven (11) players per side, that is, in the offense and the defense.  The University team has over one hundred active players. The team uses a specialized kit and equipment consisting of a helmet, Shoulder/ chest pads, padded shorts referred to as pants, long socks, boots and a jersey that bears the player’s number.

Due to the high cost of the kit and the complex and demanding structure of the sport (about five coaches are needed to oversee different parts of the team), the game is not prevalent in the Country. Indeed, University of Nairobi is the only institution with an active American Football team. However, the team has been selfless in spreading the game in the Country. So far they have assisted the Buruburu Institute of Tertiary Studies train a few players.

The university continues to support the team through the Department of Sports and Games, and wishes them best of luck in their endeavors. Bravo U.O.N American Football Team!


Story by Emmanuel Guantai

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